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Palais Immobilier : First independent real estate group of the French Riviera

Our first Palais Immobilier real estate agency was opened in the old Nice by Patrick Macanda in 1989. Success came relatively fast and his sister, Laurence Manini, joined the agency. Thanks to her, it quickly became a reference in the old Nice neighborhood. Ten years later, in 2000, the second Palais Immobilier agency opened its doors in the center town of Nice in Notre Dame neighborhood.
Facing the ascending number of clients, the group have decided, in association with Stéphane Blanco, to buy a new agency in Nice Fabron in order to reinforce the sales service and develop another rental management office in the western side of Nice. The acquisition of Ginestimo agency in the Saint-Antoine de Ginestière neighborhood and the opening of a new real estate agency in the Araucaria area have helped to continue the development of Palais Immobilier in this part of the town.
Joined by his daughters Nina and Lola, Patrick Macanda continues the growth of Palais Immobilier by opening a new agency in Nice port. In 2019, thanks to his experience and knowledge of the French Riviera real estate market, the group opened its first agency outside of Nice, in Villefranche-sur-Mer. This same year, a new opportunity to buy a real estate agency in Menton have shown up. This new agency, close to the Italian border, gave Palais Immobilier the chance to take part in a dynamic French and Italian market. In 2022, a new step was reached with the opening of 2 new real estate agencies in Nice Libération and Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Our philosophy

With its longevity and its strong local roots, Palais Immobilier real estate group cultivate a deep love for the Côte d’Azur. The realtors that make up our network of agencies put their competences and their availability at your service to make all your real estate dreams come true.


Palais Immobilier Prestige

Since 2019, thanks to its experience and the knowledge of the market of the French Riviera, Palais Immobilier Côte d’Azur has decided to take on a new challenge with the launch of its brand Palais Immobilier Prestige. Today, 3 agencies of our group sell exclusive and luxury properties. Located in Nice, on Franck Pilatte boulevard, Villefranche-sur-Mer and Beaulieu-sur-Mer they regroup a team of multilingual real estate agents especially trained to fulfill the needs and expectations of a demanding clientele.

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The words of our founder : Patrick Macanda
Can you tell us a bit about yourself ?

I was born in Nice with Sicilian origins. After HEC prepatory class and an experience in a grande école, I’ve worked as a management accountant before working in marketing for Pernod-Ricard group. After living several years in Paris, my wife and I started to feel homesick and decided to move back to Nice. After I came back in 1989, I decided to start a career in the real estate in a tiny street of Nice’s old town. I fell in love with the area, because when I was young I used to go to the Pairolière street market with my grandma. I was also a primary schoolchild at Saint-François de Paule and years later I’ve studied the niçois in high school and I was assessed by André Compan, a local public figure in Nice.

Why have you decided to launch Palais Immobilier on the French Riviera ?

After a lot of time, I have noticed that even if the world is full of beautiful places, a person born in Nice will always have trouble leaving the area. This is the reason why after many years working in Paris and Marseille I couldn’t forget the city where I was born.
I had to find a career change in Nice and it was pretty natural. When I was a child I was participating to pétanque competitions at the place Arson and on the way back home I was always raising my head. I have always loved the buildings, the houses and the landscapes of our beautiful region. When you live around here, going for a walk or riding a bike is always spectacular, you just have to look around you and enjoy the scenery.

What is the philosophy of Palais Immobilier ?

In my opinion, a good real estate agent is someone who cares about others and wants to satisfy his clients, even if it takes time and even if it’s hard work. He is mostly someone who has to interpret and materialize the desires of the clients. It requires good listening and a lot of hard work. A real estate agency is like every other shops. That is why I give some much credit to the knowledge of the neighborhood, the relationship between the agents and the other businesses that are around and their commitment in the local life.

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